On our plant we integrate technology and nature; we work with energy concepts, production, waste management and recycling.

Nature provides us with a never-ending source of materials, colors, shapes, and light and air. We are comitted not only to providing the best of nature’s qualities, but also to preserving nature and the environment. Use of our products helps to reduce global warming, the products are produced from non-toxic and non-polluting materials and all products are completely recyclable.

MTplastech sheets inherently “green” in its form, are also produced in our environment-friendly factories, meeting the international environmental management standards. Running systematic controls in its production, all features of our production create little or no negative impact on nature.

In spite of alternative sources most of the world's electricity is still produced by burning fuels such as coal and oil, these resources are not replaceable and will eventually be exhausted. MTplastech’s advanced technology production use significantly reduced energy s and help save these precious resources.

MTPlastech undertakes to function in all its pursuits in order to remove or minimize the safety and environmental hazards for its employees, contractors, customers and the general public.